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Commuting in hell (and Atlanta)

Atlanta to swap traffic data with Waze navigation app

6:00 am Mar. 31, 2016

The city of Atlanta this week announced a partnership with the social navigation app Waze to share information about real-time construction, crashes, road closures and slow-downs.

The data-sharing partnership is aimed at assisting the city reduce

States using drones to cut costs, improve traffic

6:00 am Mar. 30, 2016

Any driver with a few miles under his or her belt can attest that lane closures cause traffic jams. So if states could more often avoid lane closures, wouldn’t that be worth trying?

Many states think

Alliance presses lawmakers to study electric vehicle benefits

6:00 am Jan. 28, 2016

A loose alliance of utility providers, car manufacturers, fuel station builders and other advocates of alternative fuel vehicle technology say they will lobby state lawmakers to study the how electric vehicles impact Georgia’s economy.

The Clean

Uber to offer new carpooling service in Atlanta

7:00 am Dec. 2, 2015

The popular ridesharing app Uber on Wednesday announced it will be introducing a new and more economical carpooling service in Atlanta, called uberPOOL.

The new ridesharing option is currently only available in a handful of other

GDOT sponsors student art challenge

6:00 am Nov. 26, 2015

What does the future of transportation in Georgia look like to you?

That is the question budding Georgia artists must ponder if they want to compete in a contest sponsored by the Georgia Department of Transportation.


Speed limit signs malfunctioning on I-285

11:06 am Nov. 17, 2015

Officials at the Georgia Department of Transportation have said signs posted on opposite sides of the road often have problems “talking” to each other via wireless radio signals. Also, drivers have been plowing into the