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Bill would lower electric vehicle registration fee

10:54 am Feb. 1, 2016

A state lawmaker on Monday filed a bill that would reduce from $200 to $75 the annual registration fee for electric vehicles.

The registration fee has rankled Georgia’s plug-in vehicle owners since it took effect July

Alliance presses lawmakers to study electric vehicle benefits

6:00 am Jan. 28, 2016

A loose alliance of utility providers, car manufacturers, fuel station builders and other advocates of alternative fuel vehicle technology say they will lobby state lawmakers to study the how electric vehicles impact Georgia’s economy.

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Gas tax hike a blip, so far

2:24 pm Jul. 6, 2015

The much feared Georgia gas tax hike (which caused more quaking among state politicians than the actual citizenry) has been in effect almost a week. And so far, it has barely caused a ripple in