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Tired of Atlanta traffic? Read more I-85 bridge collapse haikus

John Spink/AJC

On Tuesday the Spinning Our Wheels blog announced the winners of its I-85 Bridge Collapse Haiku Contest – verses that tickled our funny bone or otherwise caught our attention.

The contest was a fun way to vent our frustration with Atlanta traffic while we wait for the new I-85 bridge to reopen. Readers submitted 56 haiku poems, and we picked five winners to highlight yesterday. But, hey, we’re still waiting for the bridge to open. So we thought we’d share five more reader poems. Thanks to everyone who entered. You made our day.


Traffic can’t get worse

Piedmont Bridge says ‘hold my beer’

Mass chaos ensues

Chris Erickson, Atlanta


Fire, smoke, disaster

Like another Sherman March

Traffic worse this time

Phoenix Calandrella, Brookhaven


Brits drive on the left.

Atlantans drive on what’s left.

Not too much these days.

Richard Eisel, Griffin


Dante has nothing

On layers of hell we face

When roads tumble down

Thomas McLean, Alpharetta


Fire on 85

Then flood and earth upheaval

Do I hear locusts?

Rufus T. Shropshire, Locust Grove


And because you’ve inspired me with your wit, here’s one more, courtesy of your humble Atlanta transportation reporter:

Bridges come and go

But traffic is forever

Job security

David Wickert

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