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Read the I-85 Bridge Collapse Haiku Contest winners

Since I-85 in went up in flames, commuting in Atlanta has been even more miserable than usual. As we wait for the highway to reopen, the Spinning Our Wheels blog thought it would be fun to invite readers to vent their commuting frustrations in verse – haiku, to be specific.

A haiku is a Japanese poem generally consisting of three unrhymed lines. The first line has five syllables, the second has seven and the third has five.  Readers responded by submitting 56 haikus. Below are five that caught our attention. You can read more haikus Wednesday on the Spinning Our Wheels blog Wednesday.


Oh Cheshire Bridge Road

New planets are born and die

In line to turn left

Kay Spencer, Brookhaven


Want into my lane?

If your tag isn’t Georgia

Please smile and wave, y’all

Kevin Matthews, Atlanta


MARTA, they mocked you,

But now they can’t get enough.

Fickle folks, they are.

Josh Warthman, Fayetteville


Time, cars crawl with ants

Chasm ahead swallows my hours

DJ prates; time crawls

Michel Phillips, Carrollton


Go. Brake. Brake. Go. Brake.

Drive to work is now a creep.

Just like my last ex.

Lynn Lamousin, Atlanta

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