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Possibility of snow moving into metro Atlanta this afternoon

State official: Don’t stop for photos of the I-85 bridge – you’re snarling traffic

Last week’s collapse of I-85 in Buckhead has snarled traffic on local roads as people search for alternative routes.

According to the Georgia Department of Transportation, Cheshire Bridge Road typically carries about 18,000 vehicles a day, but has seen 40,000 a day since the bridge collapse. Peachtree Road and the Buford Spring Connector are among the other roads that are clogged with traffic

Much of the congestion is probably unavoidable – people have to drive somewhere. But at a press conference Monday, the state’s commissioner of public safety identified one traffic hold-up that’s completely unnecessary: people are stopping on the Buford Spring Connector to snap photos and videos of the collapsed bridge.

“People are stopping in the road to take pictures,” Col. Mark McDonough said. “It slows things down.”

McDonough had this advice for motorists who want to keep traffic moving: “Resist the temptation to take that video from your car.”

The state announced yesterday that I-85 will reopen by June 15. But those local roads are likely to remain congested until then.

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