At the MARTA lost and found? Hats, wallets, dentures, a leg.

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Chances are, if you lost something on MARTA that wasn’t purloined by a passenger, it wound up at their version of the island of misfit toys — the Lost and Found office at Five Points Rail Station.

The rectangular room of forgotten goods is not much larger than a walk-in closet. But it’s lined with shelves, cardboard boxes and shoe-box-sized storage bins. Two metal safes in a corner hold valuables like jewelry, although only one gold ring was being safeguarded on a recent weekday.Saba Long_MARTA Lost.090715You’ve got the usual stuff — cell phones, keys, power cords, books, hats, luggage. A small trash can is crammed full of umbrellas, wooden canes and walking sticks.

But talk to Jessica Guinn or James Willoughby, the two full-time “lost and found coordinators,” and they’ll tell you about the stranger stuff. Items you’d never expect a person to misplace, like a prosthetic leg. Or an oxygen tank. Even a set of dentures.

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