Poll: Would you pay to bypass interstate traffic?

Love ’em or hate ’em, more interstate toll lanes — like the I-85 HOT lanes in Gwinnett — are coming to metro Atlanta. And state transportation planners are betting big that you’ll love ’em.

It’s all part of the state’s most expensive road project ever, the Northwest Corridor express lanes on I-75 and I-575.

 Now we’d like to know: Would you pay up to 90 cents a mile to use interstate express lanes? That rate, mentioned in an early study as a possible ceiling for the toll range, results in a 10-mile trip costing up to $9. The record amount charged on the existing I-85 HOT lanes has been 69 cents per mile.

How much would you pay? Would you ever pay? This Sunday, the AJC will explore drivers’ attitudes towards interstate express lanes, and why the Georgia Department of Transportation thinks it’s a good bet that you’ll come to like them.

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