Motorcycle riders’ 5 top pet peeves

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Contributed by Daytona Chamber of Commerce
 Contributed by Daytona Chamber of Commerce

Contributed by Daytona Chamber of Commerce

In your fair share of commutes, you’ve probably had frustrations with some motorcycle riders’ behaviors. Even they admit, riders do some wacky things.

In a national survey commissioned by Erie Insurance and conducted by Harris Poll, 200 riders shared their top five pet peeves about both other riders and drivers of vehicles, as well as the common rider mistakes.

Rookie riders assume other drivers can see them or try to show off how cool they are in their powerful, fast chrome machine. Sometimes, that leads to riders forgetting to take safety into account. Several of the surveyed riders said they’ve actually done or seen other riders:

  • Stand on the seat with their hands in the air while speeding down the highway
  • Text while riding. One said the rider texting was leaning onto his backseat and steering with his feet.
  • In a “compromising position” on their bike with their lover.
  • Cruise up behind a woman who had her bare feet sticking out the passenger seat window of a car and tickled her feet.

Any of these situations could easily make a driver nervous. Other riders agree, which is why some of them coincide with what riders considered their top five pet peeves of other riders:

  1. Riders who drive aggressively or recklessly (i.e., speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, doing wheelies, etc.)
  2. Riders who pass on the shoulder
  3. Riders who engage in “lane splitting” (riding in between lanes of stopped traffic)
  4. Riders who don’t wear protective gear (i.e., riders who wear things like shorts, sandals, tank tops, etc.)
  5. Riders who don’t wear helmets

But don’t worry, riders have pet peeves about drivers too. According to the survey, 55 percent listed “Drivers who don’t check their blind spots before changing lanes” as a top five pet peeve. Others included texting while driving and drivers who don’t use their turn signals.

So next time you complain about those who are sharing the roadway with you, consider whether your own driving habits could be considered annoying as well.

– Blog post by reporter Kendall Trammell,

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