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MARTA prices going up

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MARTA fares will remain unchanged next year, but the transit agency is going to start charging more for Breeze cards and tickets used to pay them.
While the base fare will stay the same — $2.50 per trip — the price of a plastic, reloadable Breeze card will double from $1 to $2.
The price of a paper Breeze ticket will also double, from 50 cents to a dollar. MARTA says the money will be used to make both the cards and the tickets more durable and secure.
People who already have Breeze cards can continue to use them “for an extended period of time.”
MARTA issued the following statement:

“MARTA is introducing new Breeze fare media (cards and tickets) for our customers early next year that will be more secure and less vulnerable to possible fraud and tampering. Customers will be able to use their existing Breeze media without interruption, and for an extended period of time, as the new cards and tickets are fully integrated into the system. The costs associated with the new fare media are not intended as a revenue source for the Authority.”

MARTA signs Five Points April 9, 2015

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