Airport sign with typo comes down

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Wold Class_2

A sign with an unfortunate typo at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (it misspelled the words “world class” as “wold class“) has been taken down as of this morning.

A spokesman for the airport said Wednesday evening that the sign would be coming down first thing on Thursday. Apparently, officials were true to their word. An airport-goer told the newspaper this morning that it was no longer there.

The boldly lettered sign had been posted prominently near the airport MARTA station for at least two months, according to a reader who snapped a photo of it. The sign displayed a man in a business suit and said Dress for ATL Success (Subhead: “Look your best, act your best and be the best!).

The words “Wold Class” were floating in a big red bubble off to the right.

Airport spokesman Reese McCranie said the ad misspelling was a production error.Wold Class_1

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