How drones could help your commute

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Many people have heard about drones being used for military surveillance, as well as Amazon’s desire to use drones for package delivery. But there are many other surprising industries that drones could revolutionize. They might even improve your commute.
Accidents are to blame for more than half of all traffic congestion in metro Atlanta. Especially when fatal accidents occur, because authorities often close the road and spend hours gathering evidence.Drones can help minimize such delays because they can capture images for accident reconstructionists. Ontario Police are already using drones for this purpose, and Michigan State Police will begin doing so in June.

“Right now with a fatal accident, we are tying up our freeways for an hour, two hours at a minimum to do measurements and take photos,” said Lt. Christopher Bush, a spokesman for Michigan State Police. “With this technology, we can put (a drone) up in 15 minutes and gather what we need. We can clear the road and go back later to do analysis.”

Aeryon Skyranger in flight

Michigan State Police use an Aeryon Skyranger, a commercial quadcopter drone that’s about the same diameter as a car tire, for accident reconstruction as well as crime scene photography.

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